Sunday, November 24, 2013

back from Croatia

Past weekend the International Bonsai Academy took place in Croatia. See 34 episodes in detail here:

Walter's Travelogues

We have worked on even more than the 34 trees shown her on that weekend. It is amazing in hindsight what can be put into three days. This was only a fraction of the whole collection. There are many more of this quality and caliper there.

Anyway, enjoy. If your are interested in getting this Academy to your place find an organizer and write  me a message.
If you are in the USA don't miss the opportunity in two weeks in Harrisburg, Pa.



Anonymous said...

What substrate is that Mr Pall?

Walter Pall said...

All these trees are in what is called 'Blähton' in German, turface in America, baked loam in general. They are doing very well with 14 % rough peat added.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer. I use pumixe wich is ridicoulously cheap here in Greece and does the job perfectly but i might put a top layer of turface on my pots for aesthetic reasons.