Saturday, May 19, 2012

Video: a walk around Walter's garden

Too bad that nine of my best trees were not in the garden but at the special show in Bonsaimuseum Dusseldorf.


Gimli said...

Those are so COOL! and small

tim said...

Walter , i definitely will have to come over and relive you of some trees (cash of course!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Walter!
Did you devoliate th Trident Maple and some partial devoliation on the japanese maples? Is now the time to start devoliating?


Walter Pall said...

It is not yet the time to defoliate. But trees that were kept in a cool greenhouse are four weeks ahead.

Stephen Krall said...


You have some lovely trees, it was nice to see the entire garden. I wish I had the time and money to work for you and learn from you full time. But I guess I will have to settle for twice a year at Natur'e Way with you and Jim. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us all; around the world.