Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dale Cochoy

We are with him.
I got this message:

Dale Cochoy

HI EVERYONE! This is Dales' wife Nancy. I wanted to let you know that Dale had a very serious accident tonite. He fell about 20ft. off a ladder while trimming a branch off one of the large trees in the garden. He has 4 fractured vertebra in his low back, 5 broken ribs and internal bleeding. He is in intensive care at Akron General Medical Ctr. He is able to talk and move his arms and legs but they are very worried about the bleeding in his abdomen. I will try to keep you posted about his condition. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you, Nancy Bodine Cochoy


kcpoole said...

So sorry to hear tabout this. Hope you make a speedy recovery Mate

trisha said...

I only discovered this page a few moments ago but I'm stunned and saddened of this news.Prayers
sent up for you and yours.