Thursday, August 4, 2011

mugo pine #2

The old needles were plucked. Everything was wired. This is the fourth or fifth full wiring of this tree within the past 25 years.Last image as of 1991.


Anonymous said...

At first glance, I thought you posted the wrong picture of a different tree in 1991. When was the upper portion of this tree removed? Was thick wire inserted into the trunk to manipulate this tree, or basic wiring techniques? It is difficult now looking back 25 years to envision this tree's current appearance. Another incredible tree!

Norfolk, VA

Walter Pall said...


see ths:

alfredo espino said...

This is indeed an astonishing transformation! I thought too that the last one is a wrong picture. But, oh well, one gets sort of used to see thhis kind of wonders in the bonsai world. Thanks for posting. Cheers.