Tuesday, August 16, 2011

European Black Pine #14 fifth part

Walter and Patrick wired the whole tree. Then it was decided that it should be tilted to the right and a bit forward. The crown was bent into position and here we are. The last image is a virtual, showing somehow what the plan is.
Now the tree will rest again for at least one year. The wire will stay for two years probably. then I might pot it into the final container in spring of 2014. The tree will take ten to fifteen years to be ready for exhibit. Such is bonsai life.

The foliage of black pines is quite coarse and it is perfectly normal for them to look kind of raw after first styling. This is similar to ponderosa pines. After a few years it will get much better.

This whole series will be my entry in the 'masterclass - Bonsai Academy with Walter Pall' in the Bonsai Fachforum, which is the most active German forum and probably the most active bonsai forum anywhere. This is something like the online version of the Bonsai Academy. There I will comment much further about the steps taken so far. The class will critique the tree and the work. This will be quite interesting.


Al Polito said...

Fantastic pine! Very powerful nebari seldom found on pines, yamadori or otherwise. Where was this beauty collected? Did it come out easily?

Walter Pall said...

Yes, I think so too. I cannot remmeber ever having seen a piece of material of European black pine that came even close in potential. I am very happy to have goten a hold of it.
It did come out easy. Otherwise such trees are uncolletible.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic pine! The carving and torch work you did on the stump during the first or second phase of development turned out wonderful. But... that damn dead branch protruding from the stump has got to go! If you ever decide to cut it off I will travel from the states to help you do it.

Thanks, Brian, Norfolk, VA

Sebastijan Sandev said...

Ooooutstaaanding tree with extra strong caracter. And beautiful dragon head emerging from the trunk.

Sebastijan Sandev said...

As I look at the tree longer the more I am sure...truly a fantastic piece of nature's art. And the dragon is...well, no words for that...and that long horn going out of dragon's head...that's a horn, I am 100% sure...just fantastic

avicenna said...

Simply stunning and breathtaking your trees, Walter !