Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bonsai World Friendship

This says something like this:

The fifth Bonsai Convention (they mean South-East-European-Bonsai-Symposium) will take place in Belgrade, Serbia from November 5 to 6 with bonsai master Walter Pall

I love it. This is what Saburo Kato said:"world peace through bonsai"

In case someone is interested in attending, please write a brief mail to
Marko Ratić mark(at)
I really look forward to this adventure


Anonymous said...

Seams easy to learn serbian: just add two letters! Walterom Pallom... sounds strange ;-)
That´s why you usually don´t change names in different languages...

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to sign the anonymous... I don´t know why he doesn´t accept my Google account?!? Just because I have no blog? He asks me to create one but I don´t want to!

Best regards

P.S. Reminds me of yoga: Walterommm
Love and peace that´s what bonsai is also about.

Marija said...

Daer Nelson,
Every year same things are bothtering some people. Walter's name isn't changed, and don't write such silly things if you don't know what you are talking about. Serbian language, like most other Slavic languages, has a rich system of inflection. Pronouns, nouns, adjectives and some numerals decline (change the word ending to reflect case. Nouns have three grammatical genders (masculine, feminine and neuter) that correspond to a certain extent with the word ending, so that most nouns ending in -a are feminine, -o and -e neutral and the rest mostly masculine with a small but important class of feminines. Grammatical gender of a noun affects the morphology of other parts of speech (adjectives, pronouns and verbs) attached to it. Nouns are declined into 7 cases: Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Vocative, Locative and Instrumental. So when you write "With Walter Pall" you have to use Instrumental and you write " s Walterom Pallom".
For more information just google...

Anonymous said...

Dear Marija,

first of all it was not bothering me at all... it just sounds unusual and funny.
Don´t get me wrong I never wanted to offend anyone personally and of course not the serbian people as a hole. My apologies if it was understood that way!
In contrary: I find it extremely interesting how many diferent languages and rich cultures are present in Europe.

So thank you for the time invested in your explanation. I´ve learned something today.

Best regards and also thank you for sharing your experiences in your blog, which is also very interesting.


Marija said...

every year after Walter has published posters for conventions in Croatia (that I have organized) somebody would anonymously commented how we have written his name in a wrong way.I did not reacted then, but I do now. Yes I realize that your intentions was not bad. Sorry.