Friday, August 12, 2011

European spruce #64

In general groups and forests are often made of mediocre material. Even poor material can look good in a forest setting. I think though that better material can make better groups or forests. I ahae several European spruce, Picea abies, which are collected, quite old, rather straight and with very good character. Each one of them could have made a good single bonsai. At the start I show hoe I collected two with Alex in September 2008. But today I decided that I have enough single bonsai and put some together as a group.
For now I am happy. I believe this will look good one day. The trees will have to settle for probably two years. Then the main branches will be wired. A few weeks later all small branches will be wired too. Then the group will wait for another three years. Then it will be taken out of this pot (which is not so bad anyway) and placed onto a flat stone. This will probably be in spring of 2016 or 2017. In the meanwhile I will look for at least two quite small straight spruce with lots of character. One should be planted to the very right and one in the middle as background. so if someone has old small straight spruce, I want them.


Vjeran said...

Walter, i dont have much experience with working on Conifers but viewing your blog, they starting to interest me. Whats the best time to collect Spruce or Pinus Sylvestris? I see that you mostly do it in Septebmer...Ive noticed some good material near me and i dont want to mess it up...


Walter Pall said...

In Central Europe:

Spruce end of Augst until end of September
Sylvestris end of april to mid of May