Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scots pine #17

Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris, collected in Norway in summer of 2009. First image January 2010. The tree was brought one step further today after the new growth appeared quite healthy. The two trunks are great, but they were way too far apart and did not correspond to each other. So I brought them together by brute force with strong wire and clamps. Now it looks a bit awkward. the tree will be left alone for about three years or more. Then all the wire goes off and the new shape should be established. In the end I can still cut off the trunk that was a bit far away as I was tempted to do right away. But probably I will work them as a team. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

after the colleting of tree you put in this box, what kind or how this soil is compost?

Walter Pall said...

In this case it's pumice. BUT IT DOES NOT MATTER! Any modern substrate would be OK. Go to 'articles' and read 'Substrate, watering and feeding'.

DaveKirkland said...

I think this may eventually be amongst your best! I look forward to watching you develop it.

How many trees did you examine and not collect to end up with 3 of such quality?

Walter Pall said...

I dod not collect this one personally. But when searching for such a tree you will have to walk by several thousand which are possible and which you not take.