Tuesday, June 28, 2011

maple again

The new growth looks so nice, I had to take another shot. One can watch the nebari grow under my horticultural scheme.


Anonymous said...

I can't remember reading anything specially here about horticultural developement of the Nebari. Can you please enlighten me?
Thanx for ALL youe information.

alfredo espino said...

Do you mean the scheme of this relation between branches and foliage? Or are you talking about agressive watering and fertilizer?

Walter Pall said...

A nebari will only grow if the tree above it grows. If the tree is watered and fed aggressively together with being in modern substrate it will grow a lot and so will the nebari. When the growth is cut back again the tree will be smaller again, but the nebari will be bigger. Do this over several years and you will be surprised about the result.

Walter Pall said...


what exactly is this horticulture scheme good for? One major thing is development of nebari.

alfredo espino said...


Thanks a lot for your explanation. I won´t forget to put it into practice and let you know about the results (this exactly is what might be going with a ficus nerifolia which has begun to develop a nice nebari since I stopped cutting all branches regularly).