Saturday, July 10, 2010

two more spruce

Both European spruce, Picea abies, collected more than 15 years ago.


Ryan said...

Hi Walter. My name is Ryan and I have just recieved a European Spruce bonsai tree into my care. I have been meaning to get into Bonsai for quite some time now and a good friend just finally dropped one in my lap as a gift. I am just elated! I was wondering if you could give me any tips as to how the regular pruning "should" be handled? Any advice as far as technique is concerned will be more than welcome. Thanks!

Walter Pall said...


I am siory to say that European spruce is one of the most difficult trees in Europe. It is absolutely not for beginners. You shold just let it grow for a while, make a photgraph in front of neutral beackground and post it on some bonsai forum. You need a few years of experience to start working on a spruce.