Thursday, July 22, 2010

new Scots pine #14

Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris, collected in Finland in 2007. First image April 2009. Now the pine is brought on it's way. It has most outstanding trunk movement. This was shaped by moose - no kidding. At the moment the crown appears like an umbrella, too wide. It will be shortened within the next few years. In about five years the tree will be ready and go into a small round pot or stone. Walter and Kolja were my assistants today.


Andrija Zokic said...

Very interesting pine.
I am just curios, do you now who first to start use torch for deadwood? Is that technique from Japan or from west?

Walter Pall said...


it is hard ot say. It is a very old technique, but it was used only a little bit in the old days. The torch was usedd to bend deadwood. We use it to camouflage the hands of men, the scars of power tools. I think I was one of those who did the torch thing big time about ten years ago.


Michael said...

When you talk of reducing the crown, will that mainly be through shaping or by the encouragement of backbudding?

Walter Pall said...

yes that's part of it. But also just cutting back. Why don't I do it now? The branches have the tendency to hang down like a weeping willow. The minute I would take off the wire they would hang again. After a couple of years in wire and with lots of green they will be thicker and more stable. Then I can cut back a bit every year.