Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rocky Mountain Juniper #6

Walter took off all the wires which were on for four years. Then I rewired the thing again in one full day. Now it looks like it will be a hammer tree soon. it is not quite ready for exhibit, even after eleven years of development in my garden. It was collected in 1998 by Andy Smith in South Dakota. Last image as of 1999.


Anonymous said...

hello Walter,

how does one collect these kind of trees? is andy smith some kind of mountain ranger? i suspect this mountains not to be in private hands, so on would definitely need agreement of government? and if so, i have hard time believing this is the case. We talking about many trees, and to releave this kind of trees with genetically treasures in them are very needed for the landscaping and nature, also erosion. How do you collect all this for private purposes?

Walter Pall said...

You seem not to know what you are talking about. These trees come from government land. And, of course, it is possible to get official permits in many states. Andy Smith always had permits. And these are not scarce species at all. Repeat: these are some of the msot common tres in the Rockies. You are confusing these with rare species. The specimen shown are only more stunted than most because they lived on a spot where they almost died.

Anonymous said...

now indeed, i did not know that, but on the other hand, the americas are for some things not really known to be very logical or environmental minded. Ecosystems are something special, even if one would regard some landscapes or conditions not rare... but ok, the rockies are big, and there is a lot of nature in america, but still...i wanted to state an environmental issue from a nature conservation point. I have no prob with here and there some pleasure for a nice hobby. But i wonder how much andy really collects. 20 pieces? 50 pieces? to share? for customers? for 1 customer? 100 customers for each 20 trees? And andy probably isnt the only one. But ok, if a government permit is given with knowing all this, why not

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pall.
I have spent some time on different forums around the web. as I'm sure you have too.
And it seems that everywhere sometime there is someone with nothing but negative "questions" and no positive input.

I personally find it in bad taste on a forum and particularly on this YOUR blog.
I have found that the worst thing to do is to waste time getting into discussions with these types of people and I strongly urge you not to waste your time on this "anonymous" who seems more interested in arguments than anything else.

I'm sure I speak for many people when I say that I admire you for all your work and your openness about methods etc. and I love your down-to-earth, say it like it is style! It makes things much clearer.

Thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

well Warren, you do the exact same, but without giving good arguments