Saturday, July 10, 2010

mugo #6

This one looks quite good this year. I have decided to enter it in the Crepi Cup. It has to stand against all the modern super powerful Kimuralike most artistic deadwood monsters. Well, some judges might enjoy an old fashioned quiet elegant tree and appreciate maturity. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Lower left side looks a little ... sparse, doesn't it? Do you realy think it's ready for the Crespi cup?

Oh, BTW, luckily you didn't write Crappy cup. ;-)

Walter Pall said...

Oh well, 30 years were spent to make it look exactly as it does.

Nelson said...

Hello Walter,

I´n "in bonsai" for seven years comparing to a lot of people a humble beginner. I have to say that we share a lot of aspects. I like very much the way you think about your trees and I love conifers... so I follow your blog almost daily from Portugal. Regarding dead-wood I also share your opinion and most of the trees look monstrous becuase they are exagerated.
I love this mugo and you would have my vote!

Best Regards

Francesco said...

Dear Walter,

it seems to me you have already cut away the old foliage.
Is it normal to cut it now (and not in end August) or is it only for the preparation for the Crespi Cup?


Walter Pall said...

I have not pulled any needles this year yyet. Last August the pine was defolitated quite a lot. Now it is coming nicely and I will only take off needles on top to make it also look 'sparse'(natural) like on the lower left branch.
It is OK to start pulling old needles from now until April next year, whenever you feel like it. Forget the book wisdom. In my garden needles are pulled almost all yar round with very good results.

Walter Pall said...
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Thinktreedaniel-san said...

That is a graceful elegant proper tree Walter.
To compare it to some of the "Deadwood monsters" would be like comparing Carla Bruni to Ivana Trump !!
No contest, natural beauty every time.

Paul said...

Hi Walter!

Looks like you've got a really really nice one here! Looking great!

Just a quick question, at what age does a Bonsai tree considered as "mature"?

Thanks in advance for the info!

Just discovered your blog, I will sure add you to my rss feed!


Walter Pall said...

'mature' I think it is when you absolutely don't have any wire or wire scars or freshly cut off wounds. Everything looks like it has been like this for ages. It takes twenty years at least to get to that stage. Insofar this mugo is a real rarity. There is less than a handful of mugos of this stage in the world I guess.