Wednesday, December 16, 2009

great material for shohin: flowering ashes

All these are flowering ashes, Fraxinus ornus, which were collected in winter 2008/9. They are great shohin material. This species has the lovely habit to grow extremely small leaves easily. so also the foliage will be in proportion.


Dallas from Utah said...

Hello Mr. Pall,
I noticed that in these pictures the top of the bucket has been cut down to the soil line. Is that just to show the nebari, or is there some horticulture reason for doing so?

Walter Pall said...


this is for being able to take off the top soil of about half an inch all the way down to the nebari. Only after this is uncovered the top gets cut. And overall these little guys look such a lot better when the ugly rim of the plastic pot is removed.


TpaBayFlyFisher said...

I can only dream of the day we can import from Europe!

Anonymous said...

Manna-Esche als Shohin, Walter? Wie klein bekommst du die Blätter?

Ich mag die Art auch, sie lassen sich gut gestalten, sind m.E. im Winter aber deutlich fotogener als über Sommer.
Dieses Material ist natürlich top!
Ein gutes Neues Jahr wünscht dir und deiner Frau

Walter Pall said...


1 bis 2 cm werden die Blätter. Das passt sehr gut. Ist ein total unterschätzter Baum.