Wednesday, December 16, 2009

great material for shohin: oriental hornbeams

These are oriental hornbeams, Carpinus orientalis. They were all collected in winter 2008/9 and are perfect for shohin size bonsai. They have the smallest foliage of all hornbeams, almost like Chinese elms.


Anonymous said...

hi Paul,

how do you get such good material like this?

Regards, Rui
from Portugal

Walter Pall said...


it somehow finds my garden.


Jerry said...

You say "collected" but I assume that this is field grown material...

Will you be selling any of this material at Noelanders?

Walter Pall said...


these are all wild trees, collected from the wild. Otherwise you would never get all this character on such small trees. These are not for sale. I will have similar ones in a few months and sell many in my garden.