Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back from California and Oregon

See about my adventures here:



Stephan Reddig said...

Hallo Walter,

tolle Bilder! Das war bestimmt ein grossartiges Erlebnis!
Eine schöne Adventzeit und frohe Weihnachten
Stephan Reddig

Anonymous said...

Hello Walter is that a Punica granatum (grenadier in french) on the first picture?
And it seems to have dead wood.
Can you leave dead wood on this species, and what would you do to make it harder?

JF from Paris France.

Walter Pall said...


it is Punica granatum, indeed. One can certainly have a lot of deadwood on broadleaved tree form an artistic point of view. Horticulturally you should know what you are doing. In the hot and dry climate of California you probably do nothing. In most parts of Europe and America you apply wood hardener though. This fills the wooden cells with plastic and thus they stay forever.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much Walter.

Would you have an example for this wood hardener?
Like the name of a product to use.
Is it the kind of thing that you use with old furnishes?
I mean it's not only lime sulfur isn't it?


Walter Pall said...

It's the stuff that you paint onto old furniture, yes. I sell it, but I absolutely don't ship it. I will have some with me at Noelanders Trophy.