Wednesday, December 31, 2008

beech coming nicely

Many will remember that I ruthlessly hollowed this beech in spring of this year. By now the wound has developed very nice callous. This beech will shine enventually.


Nuno Encarnação said...

Dear Mr. Pall,
I've seen the images of this tree's progession on your web site. I couldn't help noticing that it appears that you haven't used any cut paste to seal the wounds on the shari you've made in the trunk.
If so, how did the calous developd so well? Have you used any other technique to do so, or is the use of the cut paste just another bonsai myth like others you're used to destroy?

Walter Pall said...

Cut paste is a bnsasi myth. State of the art is that the tree knwos much better himself how to cope with this. As you can see from my example any usage of cut paste is superfluous.
A tree is not a human being and functions etirely different. Cut paste comes from not understanding this difference.


Nitsuj said...

Hi i saw your post ''hornbeam doing fine

This Europeaan hornbeam, Carpinus betulus, is show ready by now. It took more than ten years to get here. Second image of 1995.

AND i would love to know (learn) how did you get such good ramification how do you know where to prune and when to prune to get a good ramification THANK YOU

Walter Pall said...


this is a very tricky subject and it is not possible to answer this here on a blog. I think one can learn this in a couple of workshops.


Nitsuj said...

thank you very much i will be trying to attend most workshops i can find.