Thursday, December 25, 2008

two shohin Japanese maples

These two Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) are both shohin size, meaning they are below 23 cm. The big holes ae a main feature of these two treees. In Japan this is frowned upon. They don't want holes on deciduous trees. I love them. I think these would be much more boring without the holes.
As long as we cuold import maples from Japan (we cannot anymore since November 2008!!!) I always looked for the ones with big holes. They were rated second or third quality in Japan and very cheap. i think this is a big mistake. Big holes can make a maple very interesting.

BTW. history has proven that fungi will NOT attack maples with big holes more than they will attack maples anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pall,

First of all, Merry X-Mas!

By the way, why dou you say that "fungi will NOT attack maples with big holes more than they will attack maples anyway"?

Dou you have any background experience that support our statement?

Rui Marques - Portugal

Walter Pall said...

Rui Marques,

my background expeerience is 30 years of intensive bonsai culture and many hundreds of maples to watch. Maples are attacked by fungi, but not more if they have large zholes. Just my humble observation.


Anonymous said...

In fact, experience means a lot.

Best Wishes to 2009!

Rui Marques

Anonymous said...

Walter, you are absolutely amazing. You have personally come up with more observations that turn the bonsai world on its head more times than anyone else I can think of. Between trees should be watered more frequently with fast-draining material, the natural style of trees, and countless others, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter, can you tell us because you can`t import acers from Japan anymore? You mean all type of acers, or a specific one?
Merry Christmas, Uschi+Ruben+the muchachos, from Buenos Aires

Walter Pall said...


We cannot import ALL Acer, Ulmus, Malus, Quercus and some more. Import of deciduous trees comes to a satndstill for several years. It does not concern me personally though. For me this is fine.


merry Christmas to Argentina