Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my garden at year end

This little guy is one of the smallest birds in Europe. I found it dead after it bumped against one of the windows.
It is quzite cold these days. But the trees can stand this easily. They are from the mountains, where the climate is much rougher than in my garden.


houston said...

Is this the same for all of your many many trees - wintering without protection from cold? I am not entirely familiar with your climate, but that seems a bit harsh for some trees such as trident maples.

Walter Pall said...


most of the more delicate trees are in a cold greenhouse. but I had trident maples outside quite often without fatalities.


houston said...

Thanks for the explanation. I love the look of the trees in the snow, but don't dare do that here (USA, Milwaukee area) with anything but ponderosa pines and tamaracks. Everything else goes in a cold greenhouse for protection. There are a few very hardy deciduous trees I'd like to leave out, but I fear damage from the rabbits and squirrels (that constantly prune my trees growing in the ground). I'd fear that even more if my trees were 10% as nice as yours!