Saturday, January 3, 2009

hornbeam: demo tree in Croatia 2007

This was my demonstration tree at the first South East European Bonsai Symposium in Croatia. At the time when I did the demonstration many spectators must have thought that I am nuts 'ruining' such a nice tree. Well, all I wanted to do is showing how a deciduous tree is developed. Only 20 months later it looks decent, I suppose. The last two images are virtuals, of course. But if I wanted to repot the tree this spring I could achieve the look immediataly. This hornbeam will still get much better within the next years, I am sure.


Gunnar said...

What do you mean, last two pictures are virtual?

Gunnar Birkeland

Walter Pall said...


this means that they are not for real. The tree was not really potted into this great pot by Josef Mairhofer. I did this with Photoshop! This is to show how it would look with the right pot. It is quite easy to really do this later this year if I wnat.


Tom said...

Is this hornbeam Carpinus orientalis?

Shaukat Islam said...


I fully agree with you on shortening/pruning the tree, and I don't think anyone will feel the tree has been ruined.

Your virtual is good, particularly the pot.


Walter Pall said...


sure this is C. olrinentalis. The best of hornbeam speices; especially for small trees.


Igorilla said...

I´m asking myself, how many years will you need to develop the c. o.? Something between 5 - 10 years till it´s worthy to show it on an exhibition?
You did really nice virtuals!


Gunnar said...

Thanks for answering my question. I thought maybe you had "virtualized" the tree itself you see, anyhow i agree with Tom and Shaukat, good virtuals.

V. Hobus said...

Very nice tree!
I wish you a happy 2009.

Anonymous said...


Could you write a little about medium size. I assume you sieve your soils before you use them... what sizes do you use? What sizes do you suggest for what size trees?

Walter Pall said...

All modern substrates that I use have about 3 to 4 mm particle size. If there are dusty components it should be sieved. All trees get the same size. When you see very fine 'sand' on the surface of my pots then this is just top dressing - baked loam wiht 2mm particle size.