Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trident maple coming

This will be one of the very few trident maples in the naturalistic style. After two years in training my visiion starts to be visible.
First two images in April 2007.
Two equally good fronts or more are standard in my collection.


Anonymous said...

Other than the several possible fronts and the hollows, how is this tree "naturalistic"? It still has quite drastic taper and a single trunk line to nearly the top of the tree. Those two qualities seeem more like classic bonsai to me.

Walter Pall said...


who says that naturlaistic bonsai can not have good taper, good nebari and a single trunk? Look at the placement and movement of the branches. Several of them will become much thicker, going upwards and constitute a secondary trunk. This is a project which still has twenty years to go. Less than two years ago this was a stump prepared to become one of thee stereotype tridents. This is why it still looks very much like they all. I can udnerstand that you have difficulty to see what this treee will look like in twenty years. I must see that to do the right things now. Show me examples on the net where a trident maple has branches formed like this one. Well, this is why I say 'one of the vey few'.


Anonymous said...


Could you post a picture or two demonstrating what you're referring to when you say, "Show me examples on the net where a trident maple has branches formed like this one."

I can see that most are very fat with mis-shaped trunks, odd flat branching, and dense round crowns. However, I struggle to see and understand from your pictures what you mean when you say unique in the branching. Are you referring to branches developing at multiple angles, not just flat?

Walter Pall said...

This is not unique. The branches look like almost all deciduos trees' branches. This is why it seems normal to you. But it is pretty much unknown in bonsai. So, if yuo think that this is normal, show ma a few trident maple bonsai with such branches.

Anonymous said...

I see what you're saying.