Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Olive #4

Wild olive, Olea europea sylvestris, collected in Croatia in 2009, first image in a workshop near Split, Croatia in spring of 2010, pot by John Pitt, excellent pot, just a bit too deep. We will see whether a better pot turns up one day. The crown is still in development, of course. It needs to get higher in the middle. The last two images are virtuals showing what I want to achieve. It should not take longer than two years although olives grow very slowly in my cold climate. Overwintering in the house , of course. I try to absolutely avoid the normal 'bonsai look' on this olive. Rather I want it to look like a tree.  Big surprise! and olives are broadleaved trees and never look like conifers. Therefore the now so common deadwood is absolutely unnecessary on this specimen.