Thursday, June 28, 2012

Olive #1

Olive, Olea europe, collected in Mallorca, Spain in 1998. Styled by Angel Mota in 2001. He cut the top jin that looked very good but was going into the wrong direction. Then he just turned it around and fixed it with a short steel bar. But it showed. I got the tree in 2006 (first two images). Then I fixed the void. But it did not keep on forever. This spring it looked ugly agaan. See how I fixed it.

 This is not the naturalistic style, it does not look like a tree, this is not the classical style, it does not look like a bonsai, this is the sculptural style. It is a sculpture that has no desire to look either like a tree or a bonsai.

 My feeling is that way too man lives are styled to like like a plastic juniper that wants to look like the ideal pine bonsai. Somehow like an old man on stage acting to look like an old woman that is plying an old man -  but a poor actor.