Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back from the BFF summer meeting 2012

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This was the third summer meeting of BFF. BFF (Bonsai Fachforum) is the largest bonsai forum in German language and the most active in the world that I know of. In order to meet real people whom we know as writers on the forum an event was started which by now has developed int a cult happening - the Woodstock of bonsai. It is clearly much more than about small trees. It is about a big family. The place was near Lippstadt, Germany. Here the exhibit. The forum members are amateurs and all sorts of trees were accepted. I can only show a few. The light was very bad for making photographs. The venue was the old stables of the estate. This is an event that one should not miss. It is also for folks who are on a budget. Almost everything except food and beer is for free!