Thursday, April 26, 2012

Triennale 2012 East meets West, West meets East

Wroclaw is an international exhibition project organized by the Polish Association of Bonsai, Bonsai and the Czech Association of Bonsai Mitteldeutscher Regionalverband. Its main purpose is to promote bonsai art not only as having roots in the Far East, but also a universal medium which promotes ecology and aesthetics of plants in modern times. Bonsai is the anastomosis because in many areas, particularly sculpture, painting and poetry is the art of growing very rapidly.

The exhibition artists of Polish origin, Japan, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia reported a total of 130 bonsai trees. It has an artistic shaping bonsai demonstrations to help you will be familiar with specific techniques for growing plants according to the tradition of the Far East. Will lead them to great artists: Kevin Wilson, Paul Finch, Richard Chambers, Walter Pall, Andrea Melloni, Vaclav Novak, Peter Modzelewski, Sarka Jasenska. Scheduled are also lectures on the basics of cultivation and care of bonsai trees and a competition for new talent. An additional attraction of the exhibition will be the presentation of original antique Japanese paintings from the collection of Darius kakemono Szpakowski.

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