Friday, April 6, 2012

Sabina Juniper #1

This is a sabina juniper, Juniperus sabina that I have collected in the Alps around 1995. The first image shows the tree as of 2001.
In summer of 2008 I have wired this tree the last time. The wire stayed on until today, which is almost four years and quite normal for such junipers. The crown looks like a weeping willow and is far too voluminous. Anyway its time to renovate this tree thoroughly.
Luan Tran is the guy who won the German new Talent Contest last year and will represent Germany at the EBA Convention in Ljubljana, Slovenia in May of 2012. For his training he will spend a few days in my garden over Easter. Today he got the task to renovate this juniper.
Luan started to take all the wire off. Then the deadwood was cleaned and some old bark was removed. Then the bark on the trunk was treated with a brass brash so that the velvet like nice brown color comes out. Tomorrow Luan will present his design ideas to me and then he will do it.