Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Philipp improves Scots pine clump

I have collected this Scots pine , Pinus sylvestris, in June 2008 in the high alps at the timber line. It stood on a rock in very flat soil. The bucks used it every year to get the velvet off their new antlers. Originally it was a regular upright tree. The bucks killed the main trunk and the lowest branches became new trunks which formed a clump. It was very easy to collect the tree. It stood on this thin soil on a rock and I just pulled it off with all the roots. At home I stuffed it into this big hollowed lava rock. Then it rested for two years. Today Philipp brought it one step further. Now it will rest for to more years in full sun. It will be watered and fed aggressively. So it should get lots of new growth and become quite vigorous. Then it can be styled finally in one afternoon.