Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lens comparison

Some folks show an immense interest in my new Tamron lens vs. the Nikon lenses that I used before.

Here the results of taking shots of two trees at the same light with different lenses. Since I had the Nikon D40 body I used my 18-200 Nikon lenses and the Tamron 60/2.0.

So what do we learn from this? I think we can see that ALL trees look artificial with both lenses. This is because BMW puts spotlight with BLUE light onto these trees. And then we learn that the Tamron lens makes much sharper images, which is no surprise

Here the shots.

1) Nikon 18-200, 36 mm, 5.0 aperture

2) Tamron 60/2.0 aperture 5.0

3) Tamron 60/2.0 aperture2.5

4) Nikon 18-200,55mm, aperture 5.0

5) Tamron 60/2.0, aperture 5,0