Sunday, November 15, 2009

the winter can come now

Although this looks kind of sad it gives me a very good feeling. This monstrous piece of work is done. Hundreds of trees stored with the help of Lena, Melissa, Michael and Boris. It seems alomost impossible to believe that I used to do all this myself without help until a couple of years ago.
Now the winter can come. but probably we will keep saying 'they still could all be out' until Christmas. Well, sometimes we have 50 cm of snow at this time of the year. And we had temperatures down to minus 10 Celsius before Christmas. After Christmas we certainly will have snow up to 100 cm and temperatures down to minus 15 Celsius or even worse. So all this winter protection is very necessary. It could be even much better. Well, but where in the world do I put all these trees?
A normal person with a sensible number of trees should protect them as well as possible. But I simply cannot do this.