Saturday, November 14, 2009

the hornbeam forest carrying saga

Today was the big day of winter storage. Lena, her daughter Melissa, her husband Michael, Boris and WP got all the trees either into the greenhouse or under the shelves or close to the house wall or at least down to the ground.
The biggest problem every year is the huge hornbeam forest. It must go into the greenhouse. The substrate is baked loam. When it is dry it is not so difficult to carry the forest with two strong men. But when it's wet it takes three folks. Anyway, with some effort we even took some pictures from above. They serve Dieter, the guy who made this huge pot to make a new one again. he wanted to see what the forest looks like form above from all angels. Well, Dieter, here we are, your desire is our command, we risk to break our back. What all this for? Well, look at the last image. it is a virtual, meaning the pot was made longer. This is what Dieter will make, but probably not a pot but a slab.

Anyway, thank you Lena, Melissa, Michael and Boris for helping me getting 700 trees into winter storage.