Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chinese qince recovering very nicely

This Chinese quince has a mixed history. It was about to be ready for presentation in spring of 2008. Then I got this great new pot by peter Krebs and planted it in April 2008. Then it never quite came in summer of 2008. The new shots were extremely weak and started to get black. In early spring of 2009 it cam again and it looked like it had fully recovered. But then the crown died and about 50 of the larger branches. Then the bark peeled off by itself on the main trunk. I thought it was dead like just about every expert that had seen it. Now it has stabilized again. I cleaned the deadwood and declare the usage of lots of deadwood on a quince an artistic option. It looks like it is coming nicely with the second flush after cutting back the first shoots of the year ruthlessly. I believe that it will shine again and become the famous quince with lots of deadwood which survived a fireblight attack.