Sunday, July 12, 2009

bonsai from seed

e-mail exchange

Hello Walter,

i have just been viewing a forum on growin a Japanese Acer Platinum Bonsai Maple tree and noticed your picture was used as a discription (really impressive if m may say so). I am a first time grower of ay sort of Bonsai tree and would like to know after my 3 month stratification period, how many seeds should i plant in order to grow a single healthy tree?

Any help would be brilliant.

All the best


I hate to enlighten you. There is no such thing as bonsai seed. Yes, you can start with seed. But you will NEVER get a decent bonsai. Growing from seed has NOTHING to do with bonsai. Like growing lettuce from seed has nothing to do with French coking. Only real experts can turn seedlings into decent bonsai. You haven't a chance. Go get decent material that someone has worked on for a decade or more.