Friday, January 25, 2008

gallery link not working

Thanks to those who have bothered to point this out to me. I know since this morning. What happened? My homepage contract is quite generous regarding space and traffic. The recent success of my gallery has however touched the limit quickly. We have overrun the traffic limit for a month. I had to decide to change my account to a business account which has 50 % more traffic allowance. This will be close again, but I don't think that the traffic will continue as it has in the past ten days for obvious reasons. This costs more, of course.
And my wife will ask again, why the costs have risen. And I have to tell her again that my costs have risen because so many folks want to see my gallery. And she will ask why in the world I have to pay for folks to see my gallery. It should be the other way round. And believe me I seriously think about asking an entry fee in the future.
Anyway, I hope my site will be back within a couple of hours.