Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brandnew gallery

I have worked for three months now to totally renovate my gallery. See this:

The well known link works as well. So there is no need to change links or favorites.

Paul Stokes ( ) has helped me to get onto my feet. My son supported me to stay there. I filled 14,000 (fourteen thousand) files and loaded them, the gallery contains about 3,500 images. This is still only the beginning, it will be enhanced in the near future. I will now sort around 20,000 slides and have the useful ones digitalized professionally. Then the history of the trees will go back up to 25 years. From now on this gallery will live like my blog and will be updated as new images become available.

The software that I am using is Picasa and Highslide. Anyone can download them. Considerable adaptation was necessary, however.

The images were shot with Nikon D40, D70, D70s, Coolpix880. The recent images were all done with Nikon D40, which one can use professionally, even if it is marketed as beginner's camera.

Please report any technical problems here.