Thursday, March 20, 2014

Japanese white pine #2 out of winter storage

Japanese white pine, Pinus pentaphylla, pot by Walter Venne from Germany, first image one year ago, then last summer and now out into the sun finally.



Anonymous said...

What does the temperature drop to at night at your house? Here in Harrisburg, PA, it still gets to -4c @ night.
Day: 10c high

I want to get out my trees, and collect some more. But I think I should wait...


Walter Pall said...

temperatures heer dwon to plus 2 or 0C, and up to 22 at the moment. This is four weeks earleir than normally.

Will Feldman said...

I have read instructions from various sources saying not to feed Japanese white pines until the new needles have stopped lengthening, so that they stay short. I see in your previous posts that you feed ALL your trees throughout the active vegetation period. Just to confirm, does that include the Japanese white pines?

Walter Pall said...

One exception: I do not feed Japanese white pines whit any organic feed like all other trees. They tend to loose branches and get yellow foliage often if I did.