Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Field maple #8 rescued

Field maple., Acer camestre, collected in Germany in 1991, first image of 1993, pot by Peter Krebs, 60 cm high. This was a promising field maple until 2006. Then the upper left two thick branches or sub-trunks died for unknown reasons. Then it was just a wreck and seemed worthless. I had given up this tree and offered it for sale. In eight years no one was even interested. Now I took another look at what was left. And then in one afternoon the whole thing was wired again. It is not for sale anymore. I think it will look like a very realistic old maple tree.



alfredo espino said...

What you´re doing is very very interesting Walter. The tree now looks more in the FTS, which, as I see it, has usually (if not always) a grotesque note. It is also interesting to notice that you left the lowest branch, which I probably would´ve cut off. This adds age to the tree, ohne Zweifel.

Thomas Urban said...

Very nice maple Walter! Is spring the best time to wire most trees? I found that one has to monitor for example Japanese maples because they expand so fast that I find I must take the wire off within a month. Any species more suitable for winter wiring?

Thank you,


Walter Pall said...

Thomas, I leave the wire on these trees for at least one year. Most people take the wire off too early.

crataegus said...

Lucy the tree died a bit ! I think its fenomal, a lovely bit of natural awkwardness in its look now ! Great look ! LOVE IT. Bravo from belgium