Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oriental hornbeam #20 in bonsai pot finally

Oriental hornbeam, Carpinus orientalis, collected in Croatia in 2010. Finally the tree is in a good pot by Horst Heinzlreiter. When I look at the old images I am always amazed how quickly one can create a decent bonsai from very raw material with this species.



Anonymous said...

I still don't like those "warts" on or just above the nebari. Couldn't they be carved away somehow? Gradually?

Matt Williams said...

...but some old trees do develop these. They add character. Must everything in bonsai fit our idealised view of a tree? I hope not!

Anonymous said...

Look at big old Sycamore trees
Platanus occidentalis

they look just like this, and are some of my favorite trees.

The warts in the case of the hornbeams are an indication of the original soil level, BTW. To attempt to remove them would cause more problems than is worth.


Anonymous said...

Some, in fact quite a lot of, trees (old or otherwise) develop all sorts of strange features, but that's not a reason for a bonsai to have them.

I don't know if "idealized" is the right attribute to describe our views of trees, but there are some common characteristics a lot of people agree on. In my opinion, reverse taper and unsightly bulges are not desired features for a bonsai.