Saturday, September 7, 2013

European black pine #15

European black pine, Pinus nigra Austriaca, collected in Croatia in 2009. I have recieved this tree recently. It waas in rather negelcted state, and a bit weak. Threfore I did not do the whole styling at once. The tree would look much better immediately, but there is the danger of some branches dying. So I left it at this and will do the detailed wiring in twelve months. Anyway, it has good potential, I feel. the training pot is fine for the moment. In a year I might put it into the final pot though without disturbing the roots.



Anonymous said...

What are your plans for the lower jin?

A word of caution. As you probably know, but in case you don't, Dalmatian black pines are not as winter hardy as the continental ones.

Walter Pall said...

The lower Jin will be shortened probably, looks too much like a ph..s symbol
This is definitely not a Dalmatian black pine, it is a continental one and it survived miunus 20° C in Zagreb two years ago.

Anonymous said...

Do European Black Pine behave similar to Japanese Black Pine? Is there a strong second flush of growth if candles are cut? Is this a coastal pine? This is a very good tree.


Walter Pall said...

European black pines do not have a second flush in my climate. And so does JBP which is very difficult to keep anyway in my region because of short and cold vegetation period. This is a mainland tree, not a Dalmatian black pine.