Tuesday, June 5, 2012

visit mentioned in Omiya city blog

 This morning I found a link:


Today, a visit to Mr. Walter Pall Bonsai famous as a leading European artists, I saw the collection.
Acid and Pall, which also met during the Europian Bonsai Convention of last year, we received a warm welcome this time. It was impressive that I have Ossha~tsu Rashi is a masterpiece collection of more than 800, based on the goodness of Japanese bonsai, bonsai and you want to create a Europe of their own. Our visit was also listed in Pall's blog right away! Early!

And here is pin batch who Mr. Pall!
Munich is so very success was attended by more than 5,000 people is also the place where the tournament was held in 2001 the Fourth World bonsai, some efforts of the organizers. Subsequently, presided over by a visit to Mr. Harald Lehner (small garden) Chiisana-en.
Also Mr. Lehner, is the central figure has been committed at the time of bonsai world above tournament. The number of Japanese bonsai wonderful people, had also provided further tearoom!
And have tea at a tea house who, in a sense ... really feeling as if we were in Japan, was a strange feeling ... I feel a quality of Japan than in Japan.
I received it with your family Mr. Lehner, a very warm welcome! Thank you very much!

Because it is so you plan your visit to Japan, is also looking forward to reunion in Omiya.

It also is a hot field of bonsai Germany! Must also work hard Omiya!

Wow! Munich a hot spot. Omiya must work hard to compete!!!! Who would have thought this? I have a wide grin on my face.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to spoil the party - but Omiya will not have to work hard to compete - if you ever went to Omiya you would know that they are just being polite. Not to disrespect your trees and garden - but they have been doing this for several generations now and with a much higher standard and eye for detail as compared to Europe. Japanese people are indeed kind with words. But you might have hit a spot with your no nonsense appoach to horticulture though.

Walter Pall said...

And you think that I am not aware of this all? How short sighted do you think I am?

Walter Pall said...

It is so obvious that any direct bonasi related comparison between Omyia, Japan and Munich, Germany is totally off that I assumed that everybody would understand the humor.
In the old days people just understood humor, but only those who could read. Nowadays one is supposed to use these infantile smilies. But I rather rely on folks who understand humor.

Walter Pall said...

Munich, Germany area and city does NOT have a single bonsai shop anymore. They all moved away or went out of business. Just to tell you the state.

Anonymous said...

Tststs, Walter! Da steht 'Germany is a hot field', nicht 'Munich'.
And I don't think, that there is any competition between creative people, just inspiration from one to another! Good for even Japan to get some inspiration from other parts of the world.

Walter Pall said...

yes, true, but they only saw Munich and we only spoke about Munich having had the World convention in 2001, two times six months the BMW-exhibit and every two years the professional visit in the Botanical Garden.