Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mugo pine #34

Mugo pine, Pinus mugo, collected in Austria in 1993, last image as of 1997 .


Anonymous said...

Hello, When did you pull the needles on this one?

Walter Pall said...

Today, of course. Where's the problem? Don't believe everything the book tells you.

Walter Pall said...

The reason why they tell you to start plucking needles around August time or even in October is that then the new growth is hard. If yo pluck now you will hurt some new growth. But only if you have two left hands. If you know what to do there is no problem . I have to start now because there are way over 100 large trees to be plucked. This will take all summer. If you only have a few trees wait for for to six weeks.