Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spruce #48

European spruce, Picea abies, pot by avicenna. last image as of 2006.


Dave Kirkland said...

Truely inspiring - an amazing root reduction, and foliage reduction. Please could you summarise how you achieved the root and foliage reduction of this particular tree?

Walter Pall said...

Davw, it's the same as with all trees: let grow freely and then cut back drastically. Then do the sam again, over and over. Feed very well, water a lot, modern substrate, full sun all day. In the end it will be dense.

Andrew Stalham said...

Glad that you tell 'Full Sun' everyday for Bonsai.Your so right.
Good advice. And some great photo's.

ray said...

Is this pot made specially for this tree?

Walter Pall said...

Not really, Ray. I have a few of these pots which are waiting for the right tree. It is good to have hundreds of pots. Then you have a chance to find the one that looks like it is made for that tree.