Thursday, March 1, 2012

European yew #2 in new pot

In my climate yews should be repotted around end of April. But slip-potting is OK any time. This means just taking the tree with full root ball totally intact and place into a pot without disturbing. Anyway, it worked very well. The explosion last fall was bad when it happened. One can still see some brown branches. But they all have enough new buds. So in the end nothing happened. Now the tree will have to settle for a year. in 2013 it will be styled finally. I will report.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter, What explosion last fall?

Walter Pall said...

Well, I was dumb enoughn to think an old small gas tank (like one uses for lighters) whid I had tried and nothing happened so I put it on the floor, was empty. When I placed the hot torch without a flame about two feet next to it it started burning and very quickly the flame was man high and hit the tree. I kicked the thing with my feet like a football. Statistics say that most accidents happen in households like this. How dumb can one be? Well, in the end it was just a serious lesson for me. Never ever trust an 'empty' gas can.

tim said...

Walter , atleast you noticed it , mine was in the greenhouse and it blew up and took a pane of glass with it and set fire to a bucket . we never found the can !