Monday, March 12, 2012

Back from Shun Ten 2012

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Tony Tickle said...

I love Hartmuts trees, thanks for letting me see the cherry in flower too!

Steve Moore said...

That pine is one of those trees that transcends questions of style. Excellent!

Steve Moore said...

Excellent pine! I would call that a tree with "soul."

Anonymous said...

Walter, the trees in the images from this particular show seem to be more elegant and graceful than those of say Noelanders. I base this strictly on the observation of the images you have provided. I am no expert, but from what I have seen the trees from other European shows appear more powerful and rugged. It's obvious however that the quality of trees is very high at all of the events you attend. Is it just me, or are the trees at this exhibition any different than Noelanders.


Walter Pall said...


ton me they are similar. But I am right in the middle of this and thus not the right person to ask. One does not notice the own accent or scent while others do that very quickly. If you say so, then they are different slightly. At the other big shows the Italian dragons are numerous. At Shun Ten only the German speaking Italians from South Tyrol are showing their trees which indeed are more delicate and not obviously aggressively modern. So you are missing the powerful and highly abstract dragons.