Monday, March 19, 2012

discussion on Japanese blog

See this:

disuccison on Japanese blog

this is interesting. As far as I understand it seems that Japanese folks have discovered the beauty of bonsai seeing my trees. And the major part of the discussion is: how much? where can I get? No you cannot get, this person does not sell? How strange, makes trees and does not sell.


dragon_lapis_lazuli said...

Dear Mr.Walter Pall

I am japanese who make the article.

your bonsai so amazing! your beautiful bonsai made a deep impression on me.

and quite a few japanese people praised your bonsai skill.

I am sorry to use your pictures without your permission.

Walter Pall said...

blue dragon,

no problem, I find this interesting. I have posted the link to the biggest German speaking bonsai forum and they also find it interesting.

It is strange: my gallery is visited by more than 10.000 different persons per month, about 1000 per day. I know that less than 1 % of these people come from Japan. Why is this so?
Anyway, your article is breaking this situation up.

Liz said...

Well congratulations. You know you're good when the Japanese praise you. Japan, home of the Bonsai.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see what your trees would bring on the market in Japan. Just to compare what trees of similar quality produced by an artist from Japan would sell for. We all know that beauty and value in most cases can be very subjective. It's obvious, even to a novice, that your trees can be just as impressive or of similar quality to those found in places like Japan. Regardless of where the tree comes from, what class it is categorized, or which artist produced it, many specimen bonsai are priceless in my opinion!


DaveKirkland said...

Money is not interesting, but beauty, and discussion of cultural differences in aesthetics, is: This is why we all visit here so often Walter!