Tuesday, March 27, 2012

European hornbeam #14

European hornbeam, Carpinus betulus, collected in Slovakia by Maros in 2009. It's coming nicely. One can see the difference compared to #1 which is 15 years ahead in training.


Rui Marques said...

Hi walter,
What is the white thing in the 1st picture?

Walter Pall said...


this is zeolith. it is very good for bonsai. Better than akadama. Only the color is not good.

Anonymous said...

Dear Walter,
Last fall I visited Werner Bush in Dusseldorf, I saw him use a kind of premixed substraat, wich consisted of Lava, Bimskies and zeoliet. Werner mixed this with AkaI thjnk Idama. I thought this mix looked great. I think I could use this mix for my pines. And other trees for that matter.

Dick van Dreven