Wednesday, March 21, 2012

European hawthorn #6

European hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna, collected in Germany in 2006. Thi is how I got the tree in spring of 2008.

After I had placed the tree into this container I left the hawthorn alone for a year. Now is the time for really serious styling. It is tough to wire an old hawthorn. They are militant, look at my hand.


crataegus said...

the pictures of your Thornhaw ( ;-)showing front and back in front of the white background...simply a big waw-effect, it brings out the quality. This is close to nature, i know many old hawthorns that grow like these low multiple trunk shrubs on the beds alongside old hollow roads... you have an amazing tree there.

Greetings from belgium

Don said...

This makes me think of Ludwig Uhland's poem "Graf Eberhards Weißdorn"

Sebastijan Sandev said...

Wow...great result..great look. It was worth bleeding Walter

Dariusz Kolański said...

Hi Walter,
Did You special work on the trunk?
I don't ask about deadwood, but i see the trunk complety different. Picture from 2008 shows the trunk with moss, lot of green areas, "dotted structure effect" - on new pictures it dissapeared. Is it only impact of light conditions when You were taking a pict?
I am asking, because there is few old hawthorns, i want to collect in the future and trunks are green, specially near the ground. Your tree on new pictures looks more healthy and strong. Regards.

Walter Pall said...

of course I worked on the trunk. I cleaned it from moss and applied biotreecleaer to get rid of old dirt. And the trunk did grow considerably in four years and looks mor full and healthy now. I also worked on the nebari and got a big improvement. It all looks natural in the end, but it is my work with the help of nature.