Saturday, January 28, 2012

A tree was knocked over during the storm!

On Friday very early morning Walter and I were just about ready to leave for the long drive to Noelanders Trophy. My wife came and said 'the tree was knocked over by the storm'. I say 'which one, can you not handle this, we have to go?', thinking that she means a bonsai. She said 'the tree is in the neighbors garden, come see'. So I saw. Well, after a minute looking I found that not a single bonsai was hit and decided to leave, leaving my wife alone with the mess.

Now, a week later something had to happen. For a week I thought how I want to tackle the beast. Finally I had the idea to speak to one of my farmer neighbors who is working in the forest all the time. They got the tree out in twenty minutes. No big damage in sight. Very little fee asking, gave him double, still very little. It's good to be in a rural area. He will cut that tree and sell me the stumps from my own tree in spring and the rest as firewood in fall. Such is justice in the countryside.

You can imagine how happy I am to have gotten rid of this disaster. Well, I will have to clean up and fill the huge hole with soil and plant some tree again - not a spruce.

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Zach said...

This may seem silly to ask, but are you going to put that stump in a pot and regrow it?