Monday, January 16, 2012

ready for Noelanders Trophy

These are my three entries for Noelanders Trophy 2012.

1) Japaense maple, Acer palmatum. I am quite happy with the table and will keep it.

2) European spruce, Picea abies. I may want to change the table.

3) Euonymus, Euonymus europea. I wonder whether I should take the slab with chicken on it. Even if folks consider this kitsch, I like it.


CYD said...

Bonitos arboles. Buena suerte Walter.

Anonymous said...

About the tables...

The maple needs it, I guess, not because it would improve the whole picture, but because it is needed for height.

The spruce forest, on the other hand, doesn't look good on the table. The "slab" itself is more than enough. If height is needed, the table should be as thin as possible, practically invisible.

I won't even comment on the chicken.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above with one exception...."Keep the chikens!" I like them ;-)

Shaukat Islam said...

My humble comments are:

1) Maple: looking great and the table matches and complements very well.

2) Spruce: the stone slab and the table is contradicting each other due the the empty space in between (due to the upward angle/space of the slab). I think if slab is kept on a flat thin bamboo mat (if available) it would look good visually; or if the arrangement is placed on a elevated cube, covered with white cloth the focus would be fully on the composition, without any distracting accompaniments.

3) Euonymus: the tree on the table stand is looking quite good too!

stefan langeder said...

hallo Walter!

vielen vielen dank für deinen tollen blog und deine videos!!!!! danke!

ich habe auch eine frage.... kann ich auf das moderne Substrat Moos geben oder ist das dann auch eher schlecht?

danke !

Lg stefan

Walter Pall said...

Stefan, Moos kannst du auflegen. Aber es wird kaum anwachsen. Das ist ein Nachteil des modernen Substrates.