Thursday, February 17, 2011

The BMW Saga nr. 28

In March the Number 100 of Bonsai Focus will appear as an extra thick magazine. There are several language editions. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch are the ones that I know of. Anyway, I was breathless when I found the preview of this extra edition. The cover page shows BMW cars with bonsai and then there is this article, several pages long with all the images and some text. How about that! I cannot believe it.

I am very proud of my team with Alex, Walter, Lena, Boris and Stephan. I am also proud for the BMW team which has initiated this exhibit against strong resistance in the begining.

Well, by the end of March the exhibit will be on again at BMW headquarters in Munich, Germany. The exhibit will last until end of September of 2011.
A dream came true!

Here the German edition:


Claudio Estrada said...

Congratulations :)

Roland Petek said...


Freude um das Fahren :)

Dallas Roberts said...

Congradulations Mr. Pall!

tim said...

Walter , all the people who said you were wrong to do this , will not be happy .
Me on the other hand am extremly happy , not just for you but for bonsai in general

Belli - Hipnosis said...

Curious place to showcase your trees.

雅彦 said...

You are really amazing guy! You are Japanese, aren't you?

Walter Pall said...

No, only Austrian.