Friday, February 4, 2011

Academy logo - call for graphic designers!

Here are a couple of very first ideas for a logo for the International Bonsai Academy with Walter Pall. Graphic designers it's your call. You can go to my gallery and take anything from there. It should be a tree or part of a tree that is naturalistic. Send me your ideas to bonsai(at) Whoever designed the logo which is finally taken will receive an ICHIBAN tool, designed by Marco Invernizzi. This is worth 300 euro. In return I would get the full copyright.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter when would you like to have these by?


nadir marcon said...

Dear Mr Pall,

I have many words to say but I know no word would explain what I feel when I look at your trees. I like them and like your "style" with bonsai and with life and people.
As we say where I live (Ticino /Switzerland) "your work speaks for you".... so let the people talk about your work ;-).... you work they talk ;-)

Question: when is deadline for the logo contest?

Thank you very much for your work and for sharing with us.

Much respect from the sunny side of Switzerland

Nadir Marcon

Walter Pall said...

Well, soon. A couple of weeks is OK. But I must make a decision some time.